Combine Data and Narrative

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Automate the Creation of Board Books and Management Reports

Limelight enables organizations to streamline internal and external reporting processes, combining data with narrative in a single, secure, collaborative environment.

Management Reports • Annual Reports • Board Books • SEC Reports (10Q/10K)

Financial Perfection Financial Perfection

Link Data

Remove the manual copying of data into your reports by connecting your source data directly into your document, report or presentation.

Audit Trial

Easily compare multiple versions of a document to see what was changed, by whom and when.

Financial & Narrative Reporting

Trust that all related reports are immediately updated when financial data or narrative information is changed, giving you a single version of truth.

Leverage Microsoft Office

Leverage the calculation abilities of Excel, the formatting capabilities of Word, and the presentation abilities of PowerPoint – wrapped with security, control and visibility.


Enable multiple users to contribute to reports simultaneously for improved productivity and efficiency.


Data is automatically cross-checked and users are notified of failed validations.

Integrate Numbers with Narrative

Seamlessly combine your company’s data with meaningful narrative to provide context and tell a story.

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      Automated Report Production

    • Publish reports in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF, all from the same source.
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      Workflow Management

    • Track the status of each section of a document, with due dates and responsibility assignments.
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      Compliance & Control

    • Comprehensive audit trail allows users to track and compare changes.
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