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Connect your data, people and plans.


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If You Know Excel, You Know Limelight

All of the features you love from Excel. Now on an online, collaborative and real-time workspace.

Integrated Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Bring the best of Excel and Web together into a single workspace that consolidates financial and operational data.

Automate your:

lil_green_lime Expense & Revenue Planning
lil_green_lime Rolling Forecasts
lil_green_lime Cash Flow




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Workforce Planning

Limelight Workforce Planning directly integrates with Payroll and HR systems, giving you up-to-date headcount data and automatic calculations.

Automate your:

lil_green_lime Headcount Management
lil_green_lime Resource Capacity Planning
lil_green_lime Workforce Optimization






Automate sales commissions and bonus calculations, manage multi-tier plans, and distribute reports with ease. Analyze your company's sales performance, and make informed business decisions using accurate sales forecasts and data.

Automate your:

lil_green_lime Sales Commissions Calculations
lil_green_lime Sales Forecasts
lil_green_lime Report Distribution






Real-time Reporting & Analysis

Limelight's self-service reporting allows users to create their own reports, dashboards and ad-hoc queries, which in turn allows for profitable decision making based on key figures and trends.

Automate your:

lil_green_lime Data Visualizations
lil_green_lime Resource Capacity Planning
lil_green_lime Workforce Optimization





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