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How to Choose the Right FP&A Software for Your Business

Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022 | 12:00 PM UTC

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The Future of Forecasting: Leverage Modern Cloud FP&A for Speed & Accuracy

If you want to stay competitive in 2023, it’s time to level up your FP&A tech stack! In our upcoming webinar, you will learn how to automate manual data collection leaving you with more time for analysis and more. Secure your spot!

Streamlining FP&A Processes for Non-Profits

In this recorded webinar we demonstrate how a modern cloud FP&A platform can streamline your non-profit with automation, greater accuracy, easy report creation, and increased visibility & collaboration.

The Path to Data-Driven Storytelling

In this recorded webinar, we demonstrate how finance experts can drive transformation by taking advantage of automated FP&A features to spend more time analyzing trends, creating forecasts, and uncovering new insights.

Future of Finance: How Technology Will Transform the Office of Finance

In this on-demand webinar Limelight's CTO Jade Cole is sharing his years of experience in tech innovation. You’ll hear Jade discussing the transformation of the Office of Finance, the trends that are affecting finance professionals, and what role technology plays in it all.

Modernizing Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

Watch how modern FP&A solutions like Limelight, automate administrative work and enable FP&A teams to focus on value add activities such as identifying trends, foreseeing challenges, and guiding better decisions.

Real-Time, Dynamic Reporting for Sage Intacct

Discover how Limelight’s direct real-time integration with Sage Intacct empowers finance users with an easy-to-use reporting and planning platform.

Track and Manage Cash Flow for Growth Planning

Watch this webcast to learn how Limelight accurately projects your cash flow and provides insights to better report on fluctuations in your cash.

How to Set Up Driver-Based Budgeting & Forecasting

In this webinar, we’re going to show you how to set up driver-based planning in Limelight to speed up your process and gain context behind your budgets and forecasts.

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