Reporting & Analysis for Real-Time Business Insights

Limelight consolidates data as quickly as it is received, making fiscal information available on-demand, at all times, for any stakeholder.

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Faster and Accurate Reporting Software

Limelight’s reporting features produce reports quicker and more accurately with accessibility and legibility for all team members. 

Next Level Financial Reporting

With data centralized from your ERP & other source systems, Limelight enables you to produce accurate financial reports whenever you need them. Get actionable insights and context by leveraging Limelight’s unique data storytelling features. 

Multiple Reporting Options

Leaders across your organization can run their own operational and performance reports with ease. Limelight’s data visualization features let you see your data in a dynamic, legible format.

Explore Deeper Insights 

Limelight lets you explore your data from any angle, so you can collect insights from anywhere. Drill down to the smallest detail or roll-up to the widest angle and see the data more clearly than ever. 

Automatic Report Distribution

Limelight’s report distribution is an intuitive tool that saves time by making it easy to automate the generation & distribution of reports. Simply define single or packages of reports, schedule, run them automatically, and send the reports for delivery that is always on time.



"When I am in Limelight, I have far more confidence in what I am doing. I just do it once and I know that it’s right." 

Ben Daniel, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis - CSD