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Connect Your People, Data, and Plans

Leverage Limelight's ERP integrations and discover faster insights

on one connected FP&A workspace.

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We connect with a wide range of ERPs to bring your data in one place.

Transition from time-consuming spreadsheets to a real-time workspace for budgets, forecasts and reports.

Faster Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

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Create Reports in Record Time

See the latest and most accurate financial data in real-time. Easily create reports in seconds with our user-friendly platform.

Switch Manual Tasks to Autopilot

Spend more time analyzing by automating manual tasks. Instantly track changes, automate validations, and consolidate data in real-time.

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Collaborate on Budgets & Forecasts

Work with your team on one centralized platform. Have all departments contribute and get your budgeting and forecasting done sooner.

Integrate with All Your Sources

Connect Limelight to your ERP and other sources to bring your data and team together. Get a real-time overview of your business to draw better insights.

Limelight Dashboard

Get More Out of Your ERP

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