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Thank you for your interest in our partnership program! Being part of the Limelight Team means you receive:

  • Access to a modern, innovative FP&A software
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Frequent communication and support on all processes

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Companies Partnered with Limelight

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Partnership Perks

Scale, forecast, and grow with Limelight.

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Financial Benefits

We offer revenue sharing opportunities to all of our partners. Each program has more ways to obtain commissions, so you can take on as much as you see fit.

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State of the Art Equipment

We offer an innovative technology that is loved by customers around the globe. Our tech is competitive and modernizing finance teams.

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We make sure to communicate all plays to our partners. Whether you need help with our tools, training or processes, extended back-up is available at any time.

Why Partner with Limelight

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Have someone in your corner

You’re an extension of our team, so we provide consistent, ongoing support to set you up for success. Our flexible and integrated software will complement a variety of businesses looking for a better way to manage their financial data and performance.

All-Star Programs

Together, let’s tackle customer pain points and implement greater performance. You can partner with us in three ways - as a Referral Partner, Reseller Partner, or Solution Partner.

Referral Partner

Be part of our starting line up. Referral partners earn commissions by submitting leads or working directly with Limelight to deliver an integrated platform to customers.

Reseller Partner

Flex your skill set and run the entire sales cycle with the support of our team. Reseller partners are provided with the necessary training, materials, and tools for demos and customer success.

Solution Partner

Solution partners are the captains of their own team. We provide access to exclusive materials and demo software, allowing you to hit the ground running after full training on our end.

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