Real-time Planning, Forecasting and Reporting for Energy & Utilities

Effectively optimize the performance and utility of all your assets – from natural resources, to infrastructure, equipment and personnel

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Get the Insights you Need to Forecast Costs and Maximize Profitability

Access data-based insights in real-time to see the impact on billings, costs and margins by changing variables or using different expense drivers. Measure customer churn rates, identify at risk accounts and pinpoint potential new clients. Respond rapidly to market opportunities, refine product offerings and boost customer satisfaction.

Plan for Demand

Deploy capital spend and labor efficiently in the face of ever-increasing energy demand. Harness the power to sync capital projects based on projected demand and seasonality and forecast labor costs with greater accuracy. 

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Complete Budgets and Forecasts Faster 

Our comprehensive solution allows you to plan and budget across different departments, generation plants, and geographic locations. Use drivers from source systems to forecast revenue and expenses quicker. 

Visibility into your Financial Performance

Get a visualized real-time view of utility capacity and understand the resource constraints that impact the availability of supply. Align and allocate funding sources to capital plans and projects to meet long-term performance goals

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Limelight lets us put everything in one place. We can get our budgets and reports done much faster now that we no longer deal with disparate spreadsheets.

Jane Murphy
VP Finance & Admin., Connecticut Green Bank


See Limelight in Action

Well demonstrate what automated FP&A looks like and how it can drive your business forward