Integrated Planning, Forecasting and Reporting for Professional Services 

Identify trends, track progress, and continuously grow your business.


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Greater Financial Visibility Means Greater Growth Opportunities 

Professional Services companies are facing unprecedented change with the rise of disruptive technology and global competition. Limelight’s latest FP&A solution was built to ease your financial operations, with little to no disruption to your business. Our fully comprehensive cloud-based FP&A solution centralizes data from your ERP, CRM, and HR systems so that you can better plan for projects, reach higher profitability, and access insights that put you ahead of your competition.

All of your Planning in One Place

Limelight is a single workspace that connects your planning and forecasting. Limelight ensures profit-generating projects stay on track by measuring work against capacity and enabling teams to balance their workload. Quickly forecast revenue using dynamic business drivers such as billing rates, number of resources, and project duration. Integrate your expense data to instantly model costs, allocations, and profitability by project, customers or departments.


Streamline Workforce Planning

Optimize your operational workforce by making sure you're using the right resources at the best cost to attain a high-return for you and your clients. With Limelight, you can confidently align resources against projects to manage demand more efficiently. Unify employee costs, billing rates, and utilization to get a full picture of your bottom line.

Know What to Improve and Where to Invest

Gain necessary insights into project benchmarks and KPIs like project yields, margins and billable utilization with self-serve dashboards that are automatically updated. See profit-and-loss by business practice, project, manager, region, customer type, task or other metrics – all at your fingertips. 

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Flexible product. All cloud, so easy to deploy. Our team can access their data anywhere and all departments collaborate on one platform.

Marc-Antoine Wicker
Dir. Financial Operations, Broadsign

Limelight gives us the most accurate budget. We can now work with numbers we trust and access analytics at any time.

Julie Porier
Asst. Director of Finance, UNIFOR


See Limelight in Action

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