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Align Your Entire Organization with a Unified Workspace

Profit-generating projects are a breeze with Limelight. It ensures project teams don't miss a beat-by measuring work against capacity and allowing teams to balance their workload. Forecast revenue in real-time with dynamic business drivers such as billing rates, number of resources, and project duration. Integrate your expense data to instantly model costs, allocations, and profitability by project, customers, or departments. Align people, processes, and technologies. Your FP&A team spends too much time consolidating data from financial statements, budgets, etc. That time sink ends with Limelight.


Simplify Workforce Planning

You've got the power to make better decisions faster with Limelight supporting a cross-functional team of FP&A specialists. Align resources against projects to manage demand more efficiently. Reduce overspending and boost ROI—Unify employee costs, billing rates, and utilization to get a full picture of your bottom line. Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software makes creating annual budgets, developing long-term strategic plans, in-depth financial modeling, and critical business financial reporting tasks faster and more accurate.

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Uncover Hidden Opportunities Inside your Data

Don’t wait until the end of the month to access your project financial data. With self-serve dashboards that are automatically updated with current data, you can see profit-and-loss by business practice, project, manager, region, customer type, task or other metrics – all at your fingertips. Analyze key performance indicators in real time so you can make data-driven decisions regarding business functions across your organization.

Case Studies

Switching to Limelight will allow your finance team to get more done in less time

Connecticut Green Bank

Read how Connecticut Green Bank uses Limelight to shorten the budgeting cycle and broaden participation in the budgeting process.

Connecticut Green Bank Logo

Triple Crown Sports

Read how Tripe Crown Sports changed its reporting process from manual to automatic and presented 100% accurate information to its board every time.

Customer Testimonials

With a 4.7 star rating, our Customers plan smarter, report faster, and predict with confidence!

Right Choice for Our Team!

We were able to create forecasts and new metric reports that better guide our business decisions.

Megan Koren

Megan Koren

VP of Finance

Adds Tremendous Value for Us

Users find it easier to adopt the system and we now have a centralized place for budgets, expenses and reports.

Benny Chan

Benny Chan

Senior Project Manager

Time Savings

Successfully written 30+ reports for 100+ users. With the time saved we can now leverage the time for other business endeavours.

Noel Bernens

Noel Bernens

Director of FP&A

Everything in One Place

Limelight lets us put everything in one place. We can get our budgets and reports done much faster now.

Jane Murphy

Jane Murphy

VP of Finance & Admin

Allows Flexibility to Drill-Down

Very user friendly and similar to Excel, our team felt comfortable using Limelight right away.

Drew Knight

Drew Knight


More Time for Analysis

Don't let this minute slip away. Learn how you can pivot from manual to automated FP&A.


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