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The maintenance and upkeep of roughly 100 spreadsheets in Excel caused Triple Crown’s team to spend more time fixing them than managing the company finances. That was the wake-up call they needed to start seeking out a solution that could help provide the consistent and innovative analysis they were after.

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The team at Connecticut Green Bank needed a clean and in-depth view of their data to better optimize their investment into green energy initiatives. Budgeting and forecasting with Excel was no longer sustainable. The team was repeatedly spending days retyping data from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, which left little time to compare budget to actuals. Through Limelight’s integration and automated calculations, CT Green Bank collaborates on one connected workspace to spot trends early enough to make timely decisions.

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MedVet’s heavy reliance on spreadsheets only gave them a bare bone look at their data. With Limelight, they finally have access to the data and details they need while eliminating 2 weeks off their annual budgeting process. Spending more time on analysis has led MedVet to uncover new growth opportunities across their 32 hospitals.


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Cincinnati Bell offers the fastest internet in town and was in dire need of a new financial management platform that could keep up. Tedious Excel processes led to financial tasks being duplicated, precious time spent moving and manipulating spreadsheets, and left users feeling overwhelmed when navigating through sheets of data. Limelight was able to centralize their multiple files and reports, giving clear information to users of all levels. Now, Cincinnati Bell can use the hours previously spent on daily spreadsheet management on analysis and more intelligent endeavors.

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GSW Manufacturing used to spend hours working with disjointed and incomplete spreadsheets for their budgeting and reporting. Today with Limelight, they now run their financial planning with improved accuracy and speed. Budget reviews have nearly been eliminated, dropping from 30 reviews to 1. With the time gained, GSW can optimize their strategy with internal data and make smarter business decisions faster.



The world at Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) moves swiftly, and the team needed agile software that could help them create business solutions quickly. Limelight’s automated FP&A software helps CSD streamline their processes in budgetary planning, and analysis and drive efficiency through automation. With Limelight, CSD can easily access data and reference reports in real-time. Limelight provides CSD the ease and confidence to experiment with scenarios, discovering new lines of business insights and areas of improvement.



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