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Collaborative Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting for Higher Education 

Create cohesive strategies for student retention, budget spending and new learning experiences


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Maximize Student and Faculty Resources with Comprehensive Planning

Centralize your financial, operational and student information systems to support cohesive planning. With an up-to-date, single version of the truth, finance departments have access to real-time information for timely, accurate decision-making – allowing them to perform a more strategic role by adjusting plans and actions as required. Anyone involved in the planning cycle can see the latest status of the plan and actual performance compared to targets, all in one system.


Collaborative Budgeting and Forecasting

Designed with accountants in mind, Limelight empowers campus leaders, budget managers, department heads and finance teams to add value to the planning process, rather than wasting time on data collection and spreadsheet consolidation. Gain complete control over your spending, budgeting and forecasting with Limelight.


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Integrated Staff and Faculty Planning

Attain accurate, comprehensive visibility into your workforce staffing and headcount planning by unifying all your data. Ensure all plans are aligned with organizational growth and objectives. Uncover insights into performance and morale to help identify trends and prevent attrition.

Self-Service Reporting

Evaluate expenses and revenues on-demand and compare program spending to enrollment rates. Run multiple reports on resource spending in different faculty programs. 



See Limelight in Action

Well demonstrate what automated FP&A looks like and how it can drive your educational institution forward