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Increase accuracy, visibility and productivity across all finance functions

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LL and Infor

Reduce planning and reporting hassles and shorten close cycles. Limelight is a finance-owned platform that leverages your current systems to speed up FP&A processes, increase accuracy and encourage wider participation. 

Features to Improve Financial Efficiency

Limelight and Infor
All Your Data in One Place

Connect your planning with reporting, analytics, and dashboards in one place so you can make the right decisions faster and with greater confidence. Bridge the gap between financial and operational details, and drill into variances and commentaries to quickly identify anomalies and uncover the root causes.

Speed Up Planning & Analysis

Reduce time spent on manual revisions and consolidating multiple spreadsheets and adopt a more automated, agile approach that lets you focus on what matters most—planning for the future. Drive business performance with easy-to-use dashboards, data visualizations and interactive charts and graphs. 

Team Alignment

Enhance and centralize your workflows to ensure high levels of participation within your team and throughout your organization. Speed up approvals with workflow management and automated email coordination. Seamlessly add commentaries around plans and budgets to accelerate communication and boost understanding. 

Hear from Financial Professionals like You


" Successfully written 30+ reports for 100+ users. With the time saved we can now leverage the time for other business endeavours. "

Director of FP&A

" Limelight was the right choice for our team! We were able to create forecasts and new metric reports that better guide our business decisions. "

Director of Finance

" Limelight gives us the most accurate budget. We can now work with numbers we trust and access analytics at any time. "

Director of Finance



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