Epicor + Limelight

Combine your source systems on an intuitive platform for more accurate and insightful planning, forecasting and reporting.
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Accelerate your FP&A process to spend more time on analysis. Drive your business forward with an easy-to-use platform that provides a single source of truth for faster and more confident decision-making.

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Planning With Speed and Accuracy

Develop integrated financial planning across your organization with Limelight. You’ll get accurate data and increase efficiencies with everything in one place. Easily plan and forecast for unlimited scenarios.  Leverage drivers to forecast revenues and plan for optimistic or pessimistic outcomes.

Real-time Reporting & Analysis

Automate your financial processes to focus on analyzing trends in your data. Drill down to transactional details and get the information you need on-demand. Schedule report distributions to executives and decision-makers without having to worry about version control, data security, or cluttered inboxes.

Less Administration, More Collaboration

Enable true collaboration with a platform that can be securely accessed from anywhere, on any device. Your teams can now work on the same plans, at the same time, without worrying about working with outdated information. Save hours on administrative tasks with Limelight's automation  and easy report creation. 

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" Limelight lets us put everything in one place. We can get our budgets and reports done much faster now that we no longer deal with disparate spreadsheets. "

VP Finance & Admin.

" Limelight was the right choice for our team! We were able to create forecasts and new metric reports that better guide our business decisions. "

VP of Finance

" Flexible product. All cloud, so easy to deploy. Our team can access their data anywhere and all departments collaborate on one platform. "

Dir. Financial Operations



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We’ll demonstrate how pairing Epicor with Limelight creates more opportunities for strategic insights.