Plan for Every Possibility

Explore any business scenario using dynamic forecasting and advanced scenario modeling. (1)

Limelight powers some of North America’s fastest growing companies

Plan and Forecast for Every Possible Scenario

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Planning Beyond Spreadsheets

Power your business from one single platform, so you can easily connect your data, centralize calculations & business rules, plan for multiple scenarios, and access real-time insights.

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Forecast for any Scenario

Limelight is the industry-defining financial planning and forecasting solution that gives finance teams the granularity of detail required for in-depth analysis. See the impacts of your potential decisions months and years in advance, allowing you to achieve greater accuracy with your forecasts.

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Team-Wide Participation

Communicate and collaborate with your whole team in real-time and start solving problems faster while uncovering new trends and insights.

Changing How Finance Teams Work

Unleash Your Team's Analytical and Creative Potential

Planning Beyond Spreadsheets

Limelight is 10x faster, and 10x more dynamic. With advanced data structures and analysis as well as automation of daily tasks, you will save time and gain greater accuracy. Our advanced planning features put finance teams light years ahead of those still stuck on Excel.

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Forecast for the Future

Predict your financial performance in real-time, with a deeper understanding of the key business drivers that drive your forecasted outcomes.

Team-Wide Participation

Start solving problems faster and uncover new insights in Limelight. Get away from the constant need to version and comment on Excel workbooks and email attachments, and free up teams to do their best work by putting all their effort into one place.

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Right Choice for Our Team!

We were able to create forecasts and new metric reports that better guide our business decisions.

Megan Koren

Megan Koren

VP of Finance

Adds Tremendous Value for Us

Users find it easier to adopt the system and we now have a centralized place for budgets, expenses and reports.

Benny Chan

Benny Chan

Senior Project Manager

Time Savings

Successfully written 30+ reports for 100+ users. With the time saved we can now leverage the time for other business endeavours.

Noel Bernens

Noel Bernens

Director of FP&A

Everything in One Place

Limelight lets us put everything in one place. We can get our budgets and reports done much faster now.

Jane Murphy

Jane Murphy

VP of Finance & Admin

Allows Flexibility to Drill-Down

Very user friendly and similar to Excel, our team felt comfortable using Limelight right away.

Drew Knight

Drew Knight


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