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Integrated Planning & Forecasting 

Limelight is an integrated platform built to streamline an organization’s planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes. With a powerful forecasting engine and a single source of truth design, finance teams can extend their influence well beyond the fiscal aspects, becoming true business partners.

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All Your Budgets, Plans & Reports Connected

Easily access the outcomes of your budgets, plans, and forecasts in one powerful app with pre-built integrations, automation, and calculations. It's everything you need to make smart data-backed decisions. 

Speed Up Forecasts with Driver-Based Planning

Leverage business drivers to quickly run through multiple scenarios while accurately forecasting the impact on your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements. Automated data aggregation enables company-wide roll-ups and drill-downs for faster insights. 

Automate Your FP&A Processes

Limelight automates and centralizes the most labor-intensive tasks and processes associated with FP&A that you won't get in Excel including, automated updates from source systems, real-time data consolidation, centralized calculations, workflows, audit trails, business rules, multi-dimensional modeling, and much more.

Increase Collaboration

Communicate with your whole team in real-time and start solving problems faster while uncovering new trends and insights. Move past emails and Excel's need for constant versioning and comments by putting all your work in one place with team-wide access to tell the story behind the numbers.

Designed for Finance & Accounting Teams

Limelight is a centralized platform with an Excel experience that CFOs, Controllers, budget managers, and users seamlessly adapt into their business process to provide company-wide alignment on financial performance. 



"Limelight was the right choice for our team! We were able to create forecasts and new metric reports that better guide our business decisions."

Megan Koren, Vice President of Finance - Cresa