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Workforce Planning delivering an optimal team

Limelight helps you optimize your largest expense to get the most ROI. Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce to improve predictability, model scenarios, determine best plans and evaluate tactics.

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Your Biggest Expense Clearly Defined, Interactive and Actionable

For most companies, headcount is the largest expense, taking up 60% of operating expenses. Limelight optimizes workforce planning so organizations can get the most out of their greatest asset, people.

Instantly Forecast and Plan Around Changes in the Workforce

Build, maintain and plan an optimized workforce with tools meant to bring people and data together. Remove manual and disconnected workforce processes using a real-time platform to prepare, manage, and sustain your workforce.

Automated Workforce Planning for Faster Results

Limelight is a centralized platform with an Excel sensibility that adds cloud capabilities for better collaboration. Take your Excel knowledge further with features like user security, dynamic calculations, and automatic data consolidations.

Uncover Deeper Insights

While other colleagues may already be using department-specific applications like SalesForce, JIRA, or ADP, finance teams have been stuck using legacy tools. By removing the burden of static spreadsheets, finance and HR teams can spend more time tracking salaries, improving benefits, and managing transfers, splits, and approvals. 

Future-proof Your Workforce with Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

With workforce and financial data aggregated in a single workspace, businesses can make plans, budgets, and forecasts that are resilient to business disruptions. Empower your teams to make proactive decisions by giving them access to richer data, helping better manage margins, monitor staff productivity, and maintain workforce attrition. 



"Really give some thought to how much of your energy is spent managing financial data or operational data: reformatting it, chopping it up, re-serving it...Take a look at the potential that Limelight could provide to your organization in terms of streamlining that information flow out to the user community."

Noel Bernens, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis - Cincinnati Bell