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NetSuite + Limelight

Improve strategic insights with integrated budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
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NetSuite and Limelight

Connect NetSuite with Limelight and accelerate your financial planning process. See how access to real-time data can scale your business.

Save More Time for Analysis

NetSuite and Limelight
Real-time Financial Planning 

Eliminate time spent manually exporting data from NetSuite. Limelight’s seamless integration means you are always working with the latest versions of budgets, forecasts and reports. 

One Connected Workspace 

Bring your departments together on one platform. Limelight provides a connected and collaborative workspace allowing teams to work simultaneously and with the latest set of information.   

Intuitive Design & Features

Powerful features designed for finance. Data input is fast with automated spreading, drivers and allocations. Audit trail tracks changes. Commentaries and Commentary analysis enables better team communication. Workflow provides progress on budgets and forecasts.

Hear from Financial Professionals like You

" Limelight is adding tremendous value to our organization. "
Senior Project Manager
" Limelight gives us the most accurate budget. "
Asst. Director of Finance
" Gives us the power to make smarter decisions. "
BI Specialist
GSW Manufacturing


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