Limelight Pricing & Licensing

Limelight connects your data, people and plans so you can budget,
forecast and discover insights in real-time.

A fully integrated and modern cloud FP&A solution that pays for itself

Upgrade to a modern financial planning solution without giving up your Excel skillset. Limelight transforms your spreadsheets into a collaborative workspace where teams can easily create, administer and maintain all functions surrounding budgeting and reporting. Making the switch to a unified, flexible platform is simple with these features: 

LL_check   Web-based; Not an Add-in
LL_check   Uses Familiar Excel Like Processes and Tools 
LL_check   Automates Data Unification and Collection
LL_check   Integrates into Popular ERP Platforms



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Unify Your Data Optimize Performance Discover Deeper Insights

LL_check_02 Integrate with your ERP for accurate data available on-demand LL_check_02 Accelerate planning & reporting by up to 90% LL_check_02 Slice and dice data to quickly dig in deeper and discover a wide range of insights
LL_check_02 Automate data aggregation for quicker insights LL_check_02 Enhance communication with enterprise-wide collaboration LL_check_02 Visualize data to highlight trends and spot irregularities with ease
LL_check_02 Provide a single source of truth for all metrics and KPIs LL_check_02 Ensure your data is always in sync with real-time updates LL_check_02 Engage executives and end-users with digestible insights




FAQ_testimonials_Megan Koren


“Limelight was the right choice for our team!
We were able to create forecasts and new metric
reports that better guide our business decisions.”
Megan Koren, Vice President of Finance Cresa


“Allows considerable flexibility to drill-down.
Very user friendly and similar to Excel, our
team felt comfortable using Limelight right away.”
Drew Knight, Chief Financial Officer EXCO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Is Limelight subscription-based pricing?

Yes, Limelight’s cloud FP&A solution is subscription-based, which means you only pay for what you’ll use. Start with as little as 5 users, and scale with as much additional licenses as you need.  

Your subscription cost is always transparent and predictable. With no internal IT resources required, servers to maintain, nor hidden fees, Limelight will keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible. 

Are there different levels of users?

Yes, we provide licensing options for administrators, budget users and report-only users. You have the flexibility to mix and match as needed, controlling your costs to pay for only what you require. 

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts can be made available for volume purchases and non-profit organizations. 

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there is a fee to setup the system. It is based on each customer’s planning, forecasting and reporting requirements. 

Is there a limit to the features, such as number of budgets, forecasts, departments, scenarios, and amount of data in your pricing?

No, there are no limits to Limelight’s functionality nor data restrictions with our pricing. Our unified solution will be fully integrated and accessible upon go-live, so your teams can enjoy and get maximum value from your subscription.