On-Demand Planning, Forecasting and Reporting for SaaS Companies

Accelerate your FP&A process and leave more time for smarter, data-driven decisions


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Access Real-time SaaS Metrics to Manage the Growth of your Business

 On-demand means being able to access up-to-date monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue (ARR), customer acquisition costs (CAC), churn and renewal rates whenever you need to. Limelight’s modern FP&A software helps SaaS companies automate repetitive and tedious tasks associated with planning and reporting times. With the time saved, teams can focus on value-added work and analyze business insights that contribute to company growth. 

Monitor & Model Cash Flow Effectively

Limelight automatically updates your cash flow forecast from your accounting software so you can analyze runway, burn rate and churn. Run scenarios based on your current and future cash position to see the impact from churn, pricing models, new projects and expenses.  

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Budgets and Forecasts Tied to Company Goals 

Limelight connects to your ERP, CRM, Payroll and other source systems to bring all your data together in one place, giving you a complete view of your financials. Use actuals, business drivers and growth targets to plan and forecast MRR and ARR from renewals and new subscriptions. Plan all operating and personnel expenses and find out where to increase margins, while reducing CAC and ongoing support costs.  

Dynamic Reporting & Analysis

Visualize subscription revenue and customer retention metrics in real-time to accurately plan investments in marketing and sales to turbo-charge your growth. Keep track of critical KPIs to confidently make data-backed decisions to scale your business.

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Flexible product. All cloud, so easy to deploy. Our team can access their data anywhere and all departments collaborate on one platform.

Marc-Antoine Wicker
Dir. Financial Operations, Broadsign

Successfully written 30+ reports for 100+ users. With the time saved we can now leverage the time for other business endeavours.

Noel Bernens
Director of FP&A, Cincinnati Bell


See Limelight in Action

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